We Love Cacao - Here’s Why!

We Love Cacao - Here’s Why!

Picture this - it’s a cold Winter evening, and you get home to a warm cup of cocoa. Who doesn’t love a comforting pick-me-up after a long day, right? Well, apart from being a delicious drink, Cacao, the raw version of cocoa, is extremely healthy and has manifested incredible benefits. And so, in our fun article today, let’s explore why Cacao is good for you, why we use it as an ingredient and why you should be eating these one-of-a-kind magic cacao beans. 

What Is Cacao?

First - let’s define Cacao. If you loved hot chocolate growing up, chances are you are more familiar with the term ‘cocoa’. The main difference between these two comes down to Cacao powder being the raw and unprocessed version of cocoa. Simply put - Cacao beans are unroasted, while cocoa beans are. Even though both Cacao and cocoa come from the same beans, in today’s article, we will be focusing on the raw Cacao and the Cacao health benefits

Superfood Cacao

When we think about all the nutritious superfoods out there, Cacao powder and Cacao butter don’t usually pop up in our minds. But not for too long! Originating in the breathtaking upper region of the Amazon rainforest, the Theobroma Cacao tree was first discovered in 1753. Now, more than 250 years later, Cacao-based products are enjoyed by billions across the globe. 

Whether it's in a crushed form of powder, or with added fat of butter, Cacao’s health properties have been widely demonstrated over the decades. Rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, Cacao bliss is a delicious reality. And that’s exactly why we formulate it into our appetizing products!

Cacao Benefits

Speaking of its benefits, let’s go down the list and discover what is Cacao powder good for and how Cacao chocolate or Cacao candies can go a long way. 

Skin Benefits

Are you looking for new products or ingredients that can hydrate your skin and improve surface texture? Then try adding Cacao into your everyday lifestyle. Flavanol-rich Cacao has proven to increase circulation in the skin, nourish the dermal layer and provide endogenous sun protection.

Mood Boosters

If you’ve noticed an uplift in mood after indulging in tasty chocolate, then it’s no coincidence. The Flavanol components in Cacao help convert Tryptophan proteins into the hormone - Serotonin, also known as the ‘hormone of happiness’. Serotonin levels can help stabilize our moods, reduce insomnia, and increase our appetites. Scientists have also linked the positive effects of cacao on depression and anxiety.

Immune System Regulators

Along with its antioxidant properties, studies have shown that pure Cacao beans and Cacao powder can be great immune system boosters. By regulating the levels of nitric oxide in the blood, Cacao can improve blood flow to the heart and brain, while also stimulating brain function. 

Weight Loss & Diabetes

If all of these striking Cacao health properties weren’t impressive enough, research has also demonstrated the effects of Cacao on weight loss and regulating Type II Diabetes. This powerful ingredient can improve insulin secretion, reduce inflammation in the body, and help control blood sugar levels. 

Luxe Ingredient

As we’ve seen, Cacao beans and powders go beyond just being mouth-watering beverages and Winter-season staples. 

We are excited to introduce our all-organic Bon Bons Candie Cacao Bee superfood snack. Created with organic Cacao, Bee Pollen, Maple Syrup and Marine Collagen, these appetizing chocolate squares will become your go-to favorites. Along with our Gluten-Free and GMO-Free formulas, the luscious Cacao Bee dessert will deliver all the health benefits of Cacao, Bee Pollen and Collagen. And so, for healthy superfood snacks, look no further than the flavorsome Bon Bons Candie Cacao Bee Cacao chocolates.
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