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Why Bons Bons & Co? 

We take great pride in our ability to deliver a product made of quality ingredients; no seed oils and we stay away from modified additives and stabilizers. We research and observe to ensure we're providing a product of value.

We care about what we’re eating, and we want you to start caring too.


Where are Bon Bons & Co. produced? 

Bon Bons are handmade in small batches at a certified shared kitchen facility in Toronto. 


How do I store my Bon Bons? 

All our products are made to be enjoyed as soon as possible; we pride ourselves on delivering something made without preservatives or chemicals that make products shelf-stable because we believe that takes all the fun out of eating.

That said, our gummies are naturally preserved and will last up to 3 months. Chocolates are naturally preserved and can last up to 9 months.

DOG BONS can be frozen for up to 6 months, or kept in the fridge for up to 7 days. 

Please note all products should be kept in a cool environment, away from direct sunlight or a heat source. 


Do I need to refrigerate them? 

DOG BONS require refrigeration. BEAUTY BEARS, AND BARS will naturally melt if left in front or around a direct heat source. We advise storing them in cool, dry place. 


What are the ingredients used, and where are they sourced? 

We’re a bit crazy for quality, so we’re sourcing the very best from producers, big and small. Our products have been stripped of fillers, additives and junk we don't think necessary. Serving the bare minimum ensures our most potent ingredients can reach maximum absorption. Interested to learn more about ingredients and our process, head over to our Instagram stories for ongoing updates.


How can I find out about the latest drops and new flavors? 

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