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Bon Bons & Co.

Rose Glo Beauty Bar

Rose Glo Beauty Bar

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Try our Valentine's Best Seller - Rose Glo Beauty Bar, infused with pearl powder and collagen, with a blend of vanilla and milk chocolate to delight your senses. 

Roses on top make everything better. 

Our superfood adaptogen chocolates infuse marine collagen and lion's mane to boost you from the inside out. Organic chocolate, sea salt, maple syrup, 2000 milligrams of marine collagen, and lion's mane per piece are all good for your health.

You'll never have to choose between something healthy, and tasty again.  We pride ourselves on being preservative-free, with no added artificial ingredients. 

Ingredients: Rose Petals, Organika Wild-Caught Marine Collagen Powder, Sun Potion Pearl Powder, Callebaut Milk Chocolate, Callebaut White Chocolate, Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, Organic Cacao Butter.



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